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2008 – 2012 Photographs of Kamakura City for the competition of World Heritage of UNESCO – Temple architecture, Zen gardens, historical sites and Zen priests


  • Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, France
  • Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, USA
  • Peabody Essex Museum, USA

Solo Exhibitions

2009  Sakura : E—Motions: Bazar Community ,Yokohama
2008  Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman 1983 - 2007: Ginza Canon Gallery,Tokyo/Umeda Canon Gallery, Osaka
Concourse of Asahi Newspaper,Tokyo  
2006  Kagurazaka – My stage of People and Architectures 1983-2007: Gallery Manten, Kagurazaka, Tokyo  
2006  Un Paese, Scanno (Scanno, an Italian village) : HAP, Kagurazaka, Tokyo
Art Space ELICONA, Iwaki  
2005 - 2006  Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman 1983-2005
Tokyo Geisha 1985-2005: AGNES Hotel & Apartments, Tokyo.  
2005  Un Paese, Scanno (Scanno, an Italian village): Kagurazaka Art Space ef., Tokyo  
2005  Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman: Miwa Cybele Gallery, Melbourne, Australia  
2004 Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman
Tokyo Geisha: Kagurazaka Art Space ef., Tokyo
2004 Yoko Yamamoto's Photograph's Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman and Tokyo Geisha formed part of the exhibition: Geisha: Beyond the Painted Smile: Peabody Essex Museum, MA
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco,CA, USA
2004 Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman 1983-2003 : The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Tokyo
1999 Exhibition “Diari: una donna racconota la vita delle geisha 1983 – 1998”: Museo Ken Damy, Brescia Italy
1999 Exhibition “Diario d’Immagini”: Institute Giapponese di Cultura, Rome, Italy (Japan Foundation)
1998 – 1999 “Kagurazaka Onna Nikki 1983 – 1998”: Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan, Italy
1997 “Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman 1983 -1997”: Session House, Tokyo, Japan
1996 “Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman 1983 -1996” Art Works, Mishima, Japan
1994 “Self-Portrait: Transparent in the Sun 1993-94”: ICAC Weston Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1992 “Self-Portrait: Déscription du Soleil”: ICAC Weston Gallery, Tokyo Japan

Group Exhibitions

1999 Exhibition “Diari: una donna racconota la vita delle geisha 1983 – 1998”: Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy
1997 “The Month of Photography, Tokyo ’98 – Female Photographers’ eyes”: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo Japan
1991 “Emotional Flowers”: Festival d’Art Contemporains, Huy, Belgium

TV Appearances

2005 Carnets du Japon (France 5)
1999 Rai Uno (Italian National TV Station)
1996 NHK documentary: Living with IKI women, and other appearances on Japanese TV


1998 - 99 Selected for the Japanese Government’s Overseas Program for Artists
1998 Writers’ Network Grand Prix


1998 – 99
Milan Italy
Modern, contemporary art history and theory on the Japanese Government’s Overseas Program for Artists.
Black & White and Platinum Printing at Studio F45
Oregon USA
Chibachrome contrast masking printing techniques. Tutor: Christopher Burkett
Tokyo Japan
Photography course “Corpus”
Tutor: Eikoh Hosoe, Director K-MOPA
Arles France
Photography course
Tutors: Lucien Clergue, Bernard Plossue
Kyoto Japan
Art Theory of Kanoh School painting
Tutor: Shoseki Kuroda (Kano School Painter)
Tokyo Japan
Japanese Art History and Photography
Tutor: Masao Tanaka
Documentary Photography
Tutor: Shinzo Hanabusa, Institute of Contemporary Photography, Tokyo

Other Activities

2008 Photographed portraits and exhibition of Yokohama City’s Art project “Kogane-cho Bazal” as a Guest photographer
2012 Title and credit photographs for Fuji TV drama Saigo kara Nibanme no Koi"
2007 – 2008 Staff Photographer of Kamakura Museum: photographed the Great Buddha statue and national treasures etc
2007 Title and credit photographs of Fuji TV drama “Haikei Chichiue-sama” (Dear Father)
2001 – Commenced photography of “Nippon Renaissance” – traditional Japanese aesthetics in modern Japan – The series is made up of Noh, Kabuki, Bushido Swordsmanship and Martial Arts, Zen Gardens, Cherry Blossom, Geisha
1998 – 1999 Photographed the following themes whilst living in Italy: “Renaissance Architecture”, “Un Paese, Scanno”, “Eppur si Muove”
1993 Continued photographing the “Self-Portrait” and “Latitude 43 Degrees North” series whilst travelling in the USA
1992 Commenced photography of the “Self-Portrait” and “Latitude 43 Degrees North” series whilst travelling from China to Paris across Eurasia.
1991 Published “Kabuki through the background of the theatre”, “Art Nouveau in Prague” and other articles.
1991 – present Freelance photographer for major Japanese photo-documentary magazines: “Asahi Graph”, “Taiyo”, “Aera””Tokyo-jin””Fujingaho” inter alia
1985 Commenced “Tokyo Geisha” (colour) photo reportage.
1983 – 2007 Photography of “Diaries of a Kagurazaka Woman” – a photographic essay of the Geisha world (Chapter 1 shadows and reflections – Chapter 16) and “Kagurazaka – Changing Tokyo”
1978 – 85 Employed as a JAL stewardess permitting extensive viewing of art galleries, museums and archaeological sites.
  My father gave me a camera for getting the best results during the five elementary grade

General Information

Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan

Degree in Archaeology from Aoyama Gakuin University